Parent Training

I recently was talking with a long time friend of mine as she was going through the adoption process.  She mentioned all of the hours of parent training and hoops she and her husband needed to jump through to become foster and adoptive parents.  It hit me…there are no such requirements placed on biological parents.  People are thrust into parenthood most often without any training or experience with children…actually, I’ve come across quite a few people that DO have experience working with children that struggle with dealing with their children’s behavior.

In my field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) there’s so much knowledge about behavior and behavior change.  Most of the knowledge is funneled toward helping children on the Autism Spectrum.  ABA Therapy helps children with Autism gain functional skills, social skills, and increase/decrease appropriate/inappropriate behaviors.

This knowledge of best practices and strategies should be available to the general public.  In this blog I will attempt to disseminate ABA for families of typically developing children.  You will hear about strategies that work, do’s and don’ts of dealing with children’s inappropriate behaviors, and most of all how to build a most positive relationship with your child/children.  When both the parent and the child’s frustration level decreases, a new and special bond can develop.

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