Since I started Starfish Parenting in 2017, I’ve had the privilege to present my 1-hour Basics of Behavior workshop to hundreds of parents and teachers.  Here’s what past participants have said: 

“This parent training seminar was one of the most helpful classes I have ever taken on parenting.  Mike handed out a card with the main points at the end of the class and I put it on my fridge.  Whenever I am having a hard week in parenting I go back to my fridge, re-read the card and feel like I have hands-on tools to walk through those moments with my kids.  We loved being able to throw out scenarios to Mike and get very practical tips on how to problem solve difficult moments.  We have put his suggestions to work in our home and with consistency it works! I would definitely recommend this class to any parent.”  – Heidi, Arrow Prep Academy Director

“This talk was very applicable to families with young kids and gives very appropriate tools to raise children.” 

“I would recommend a lot of my friends to take this (workshop). I needed these tools and am excited to start using them”

“I learned new strategies and they make sense! I’m excited to try and practice them with the children placed in my care.”

“Excellent and helpful. Enjoyed hearing info and other stories. Parent, grandparent, teacher needed to hear all this.”  

“This was great. You encouraged me to press on with some of what I’m already doing and help with new approaches in other areas”