What To Do…Part 2

Previously, I wrote about things to do when you’re kid is doing something appropriate.  There’s one more I’d like to include. This one may give you pause, you might squint your eyes to make sure you’re reading it correctly.  Here it is…

When your kid is doing something that you’d like to see more of in the future, you should…take things away from them!  “Huh!?  Like take away their iPad?”  Ok, hear me out…

Again, we are training our kids.  We are showing and telling them the behaviors that we want more of.  So here are some examples:  When she’s cleaning up her room nicely say “Holy cow!  You’ve cleaned up you’re entire floor…don’t worry about your closet, I’ll take care of that” or “You just ate 5 bites of (non-preferred food)!  You don’t have to eat these last two pieces”  or “You’ve been so patient today at the grocery store! Let’s skip our last errand and go straight to the park!”

We are taking away things that are more non-preferred activities/items.  Kids will quickly pick up that when they are exhibiting more positive behaviors, good things happen!  Each of the examples, the “taking away” piece is directly linked to the child’s behavior and the task at hand.  It might not work if there is a big disconnect like, “Wow, you just ate all of your dinner..now you don’t have to go shopping with me next Saturday.”  That’s an extreme example, but just want to reiterate that the consequence should be directly connected to the behavior and should follow the behavior immediately after it occurs.

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