Who’s The Boss?

As parents, we expect our children to listen to us and follow our directions. We are the boss and we expect compliance and no pushback. When we want our children to do something we use many common phrases…

“How many times do I need to tell you?”

“1…2…”  (the classic count to 3!)

“Do you want to leave/a timeout/a spanking!?”

“Because I said so!”

“I’m not going to tell you again!”

“You’ll be sorry”

“Don’t make me come over there!”

Now, imagine that this isn’t coming out of a parent’s mouth, but rather from YOUR boss.  What if you’re boss said any of these things to you?  How would you feel?  How would you react?  You would most likely feel underappreciated, vent to your spouse, be miserable on your commute home.

This is how are children are feeling and no wonder they are throwing tantrums, being non-compliant, feeling hurt, and talking back.

What if there’s a better way!?  There are alternatives we can put into practice today that can change our relationship with our children – practical strategies that lower both the parents’ and the child’s frustration, increase positive behaviors, and decrease problem behaviors.

This won’t be a quick fix, it will take commitment and consistency!  What if there is a way for you to discover the possibility of making yourself into the best “boss” you can be! You deserve it and so do your children.

Stay tuned for tips and strategies to use with your children that are practical and effective…

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